Apple just killed 3rd Party Repairs for iPhone 12 Camera Module

Apple just killed 3rd Party Repairs this time it’s for the iPhone 12 Camera Module. Apparently, iPhones are the most advanced smartphone in the market, repairing these has always been a hassle for users. It’s common for Apple to kill the 3rd Party Repairs the iPhone. And to maintain stricter control over iPhone repairs. This time it’s for the iPhone 12 series.

Now, with recent observations, the Cupertino tech giant has made yet another repairing-hurdle for the third-party technician. Which makes it impossible for them to replace the camera module of the latest iPhone 12 series.

Since the launch of iPhone 12, everyone started tinkering with it their respective fashion. iFixit describing this issue, according to them, the camera modules of the iPhone 12 series cannot be replaced without a post-replacement official software authorization. When he swapped the camera module to another iPhone 12, and it failed to launch the ultrawide camera with issues of unresponsiveness.

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Perhaps, this software authorization can only be done by an official “System Configuration” Program. That can only be accessed by official technicians at Apple Stores or any authorized Apple reseller.

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However, the team did replace the camera module of the iPhone 12 successfully. However, to their surprise, they found that the camera was not working properly. To be precise, the camera frequently didn’t switch to the wide-angle lens and only functioned in certain camera modes.

Do keep a note that past iPhone models did not require any additional software authorization for the camera module replacement. Now, will be almost impossible for third-party repair shops to replace the camera module of the latest iPhone 12 models.

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