Twitter, Facebook Suspend Some Accounts as US Election Misinformation Spreads

On Tuesday, Twitter and Facebook removed many newly generated and mostly right-leaning news accounts posting details about voting for breaching their policies in the highly contested US election.

Twitter said the accounts were removed for publishing similar content; while appearing separate or participating in other covertly automated behaviour for breaching its policy of community guidelines.

SVNewsAlerts; one of those removed; had more than 78,000 followers on Twitter, after adding more than 10,000 in the past week. The account also warned of election-related turmoil and highlighted voting safety and efficiency problems. It referred to Electoral bribery charges; and called attention to the rallies and speeches of Republican President Donald Trump.

FJNewsReporter, Crisis-Intel and Faytuks were among the other accounts suspended by Twitter. Furthermore, in the past, some of the accounts indicated that readers follow others.


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