As Switching between colours on the user interface is becoming a trend, on Chrome OS users can now switch system theme with a click button. It’s been two years since Microsoft unveiled a light theme for Windows and Apple Mac OS has a light theme since forever Google decided to adopt a light theme to now.

This is one of the biggest visual shake UPS coming to Chrome OS which is is the theme of which brightens the is dark element offering consistently while bright UI throughout.

Google says the toggle for this will lead and Google says the toggle for this vividly titled as inverted, the dark theme which says a properly dark version of Chrome OS is coming soon as of the recent reason bust the Chrome OS cannery where we manually in able a few pieces but now all these designs have been a bit lighter and especially the launcher and the app drawer.

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Google's new light and dark system theme for Chrome OS is stage ready

Furthermore, with this update, users began noticing changes to the way the default dark theme looks. The most noticed change of Chrome OS’s dark theme so far is that the launcher’s search bar and search results card have both been flipped from light into dark, similar to the dark theme of Google Search bar on Pixel phones.

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