Developers managed to run Photoshop on Lumia Smartphone

Recently Adobe releases beta version of Photoshop for Windows and Mac for ARM-based devices. Windows 10 running on a Windows Phone was spotted a few months back. Although these devices aren’t designed to run Windows 10 but a bunch of developers tried it for fun.

Its worth noting that Microsoft has officially discontinued the Lumia smartphones and moved to Android-powered Surface Duo, still users are playing around with their older models. Now, a developer named “imbushuo” has successfully managed to install the full-fledged desktop version of Photoshop on a Lumia 950 XL. Do keep in mind that the device used is running a customized version of the Windows 10 on ARM.

Apparently, Photoshop doesn’t run that smoothly on an old Lumia Hardware, but it is interesting to see some developers giving a new life to the abandoned Lumia Smartphone and proving that Windows Phones are an incredible piece of hardware. As no one could imaging running desktop programs to run on 5 years older Smartphone.

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Moreover, Photoshop for Windows 10 on ARM comes with some limitations like using advanced tools, such as healing brush and content-aware fill capability. However, Adobe is seen natively working for ARM-based devices.

As of now, Windows 10 for ARM itself is limited to run 32-bit native ARM apps, 64-bit native ARM apps and only 32-bit Intel (x86) apps are being emulated. But Microsoft has recently confirmed that next feature update would make the operating system to run 64-bit Intel apps.

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