Google Services like YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Adsense, Photos even the Play Store all are down in India and other places around the globe. This is due to Google services are facing server issues for the past few hours across the globe. In the meantime, Google Down started trending on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Although users are in doubts as to if the outage is affected universally or is only a few countries are facing the issue. But according to reports Google services facing outage have seen from India, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Europe, and some parts of the US.

YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Adsense, Photos down in India

As per Down Detector outrage seen on Google Services, including Search YouTube TV, Stadia, Nest, YouTube Music, and a lot more. The website also said that the outage started at around 6:40 AM ET.

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YouTube Gmail Google Drive Adsense Photos down in India

However, Youtube Team acknowledge the issue and tweeted out:

Google Services that were affected due to the outrage are enlisted below:

    • Youtube
    • Google Search
    • Youtube Music
    • Google Adsense
    • Google Photos
    • Google Drive
    • Google Play Store
    • Google Play Service: Contacts, Calendar, Keep and more
    • Gmail
    • Google Workspace
    • Google Maps
  • Although Google Cloud Services weren’t affected due to the outrage.

YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Adsense, Photos down in India

However, most of these Google services have been restored now, but the cause of the outage is still unclear. We have to wait until Google Team officially releases a statement over the outrage.

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This is a developing story…

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