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AirPods Pro Earbuds With Sound Issues to Be Replaced by Apple for Free

Following sound complaints, AirPods Pro earbuds can be replaced for free by Apple. A small percentage of AirPods Pro units may be inaccurate and having audio issues, the tech giant has reported. It is said that these affected units were produced before October 2020, meaning that all AirPods Pro units sold last year and this year is in this bracket.

For these affected users, Apple has launched a specific support program in which it will provide free earbud replacement or repair, whichever is applicable.

In addition, affected units of AirPods Pro can experience defective functionality of Active Noise Cancellation. Bass loss, or an increase in background noises, such as street or aircraft noise, may occur. These impacted units of AirPods Pro will be serviced for free. That will also be done at no extra cost if a replacement is needed. Moreover, iPhone delay cost Apple China sales, despite whizzing through expectations!