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Amazon plans to acquire Podcast Publisher Wondery

One of the popular podcast publisher Wondery seems to get acquired by the e-commerce giant Amazon.

Wondery is 6th-largest podcast publisher in the US alongside the world's largest independent podcast producer. Wondery made its first appearance to the public in 2016 and is backed by 20th Century Studios. The platform streams popular show shows such as Dr Death, Dirty John, Business Wars, The Shrink Next Door, and Gladiator which is loved by millions of audience. Streaming Podcasts are gaining huge popularity from the past few years.

The podcast startup is seeking around $300 million to $400 million, according to US media reports. However, both Amazon and Wondery hasn't stated anything officially. Apparently, if the deal happens, it will be marked as the podcast industry's largest deal ever. Earlier this month, Apple and Sony Music Entertainment were also seen interested to acquire Wondery, according to reports.

The Wondery Podcast purchase will provide a huge library of original content alongside 8 million unique listeners as reported in October. Although Amazon itself streams podcast though its native Prime Music App. However, Amazon is the limelight of antitrust enforcers as it expands in retail and streaming media.