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Amazon Prime push for Indian Cricket Broadcasting Rights

Pushing to take over the media market in India, American 'big tech' Amazon is keen to broadcast live cricket matches for the beloved cricket-loving nation. After securing the deal with New Zealand Cricket's (NZC) to stream New Zealand cricket in India from 2021 to 2026, its first footsteps into live sport streaming in the country. Many believe that it's the initial step to take over the live streaming rights for Indian matches in the near future by multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos's Amazon.

“Expanding into space which the country loves makes sense,” Gaurav Gandhi, Amazon Prime Video’s Country Manager, told the Financial Times, further giving ideas about future proposals. “You have to work for the rights structures when the rights are available and so on,” he said. “I do feel that it does add an interesting dimension to our overall offerings. We’re happy to look at each individual opportunity that goes by.”

The move comes from the recent Disney+ Hotstar mega rise in revenue through its live streaming of lucrative Indian Premier League (IPL) and Indian International Cricket matches. Disney's deal for the most prized streaming rights deal is coming to end in 2023 and 2024 respectively. The deal secured by Amazon for New Zealand Cricket matches is not going to lure significant revenue as the time difference portrays a very pivotal role, as many games will take place the early morning of Indian standard time.

Therefore, it's just the beginning for the American giants to place their mark. Amazon Prime has already shifted their attention with the release of India's first sports documentary on teams competing Indian Kabaddi League.