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Apple Back to School 2022 offer
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Apple Back to School 2022 offer on iPad Air, MacBook Air M2, iPad Pro and more


Apple is offering a 'Back to School' 2022 offer for students who buy a MacBook Air, Pro, iMac or even iPad. Select Apple Macs are discounted under the scheme, as well as the opportunity of getting AirPods 3 or AirPod Pro at a lesser price. Here's a look at all of the discounts, as well as a concise description of who should consider these. The discounts are only available till September 22nd. To be eligible for the discount, you must have a valid college or student ID. UniDays can be used to verify eligibility.

Apple MacBook Air M1 at Rs. 89,900

The MacBook Air M1 is available for Rs 89,900. The original price is Rs 99,900 for this older generation with the M1 processor. Thus, the effective discount is Rs 10,000. The M1 Air is still a highly powerful machine, and it is ideal for anyone who requires a laptop for everyday tasks including entertainment, college research/work, and basic image or video editing. The base model includes 256GB of storage.

Users can also get a discount on AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro when they make this purchase. The AirPods 3 will be priced at Rs 6,400, while the AirPods Pro will be priced at Rs 12,200. Note that only one Mac will be eligible for one pair of AirPods at a time, and the deal is only accessible at limited qualifying locations.

Apple MacBook Air M2 at Rs 109,900

For those who want a more capable system, particularly for photo/video editing, the MacBook Air M2 is also on the way if you are patient enough to wait. Additionally, it has an upgraded full HD FaceTime camera. However, not everyone actually need it.

If you are willing to wait, the newer M2 makes more sense. However, Apple has stated that the laptop will be available in July, with no specific delivery date as of yet. The MacBook Air M2 will be priced at Rs 1,09,900 before the student discount. The Apple AirPods offer is also applicable here.

Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 at Rs 1,19,900

The MacBook Pro 13-inch, which sports the latest M2 processor, is the current choice if you've been waiting for Apple's newest processor and need to upgrade right away. It will start at Rs. 1,19,900 with the student discount, a saving of Rs. 10,000. The Touchbar is included with the MacBook Pro as well. In comparison to the MacBook Air with M2, the Pro model has a little longer battery life and also offers 67W rapid charging. However, compared to the 1.24 kilogramme MacBook Air 2022, it weighs 1.38 kg more.

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch at Rs 1,75,410

As part of the 'Back to School' 2022 offer, the Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch starts at Rs 1,75,410. Without these, the base M1 Pro configuration with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage costs Rs 1,94,900 on the Apple website. The M1 Pro chip is featured in the MacBook Pro 14-inch, and given the RAM and storage, this is perfect for individuals seeking courses in design, art, medicine, and other disciplines where a lot of firepower is required to run some heavy duty applications.

The M1 Pro is an older processor, yet it is still one of the fastest available. Finally, for those opting for a desktop-style configuration, the M1 iMac is offered for Rs 107,910.

Apple iPad Air at Rs 50,780

The offers include the latest M1 iPad Air from Apple, which costs Rs 50,780. The starting price is Rs 54,900. The AirPods deal is also available here. The iPad Pro will be available for Rs 68,300 for those interested. Keep in mind that both iPads will cost more with accessories like a decent keyboard.