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Apple discloses the data tracking mandatory for app store developers

Apple has asked developers of iOS to include information about the user data obtained by their applications and software updates. During the unveiling of iOS 14 at WWDC earlier this year, Apple first revealed this mandatory provision. Also, Apple just killed 3rd Party Repairs for iPhone 12 Camera Module.

In order to help consumers understand the privacy policies of an app before installing it on any Apple platform, developers will have to provide information regarding the characteristics of data it gathers and App Store listings will mark this information.

Although the announcement of iOS 14 did not see these changes take effect, the "labels" are supposed to appear sometime later this year on App Store listings. The Developer Portal of Apple has been modified to show that developers would have to send data tracking details to the App Store for updates beginning on December 8.

When these labels go live, the product page of each app will provide information about "Any of the types of data that the app will obtain and whether that information is correlated with them or used to monitor them."