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Apple Inc puts Taiwan supplier Wistron on notice after plant violence in India

The 'Big Tech' Cupertino technological giant Apple Inc has put Wistron on probation period as it stated on Saturday that it will not grant the Taiwanese company manufacturer contract till it addressed the way employees were treated at its southern India plant. Apple initiated the assembly of its first iPhone model production in India through Wistron in 2017.

The month of December changed the entire course cycle of the company. Contract workers were furious over unpaid wages inflicting damage to the property, gear, and iPhones on December 12, resulting in millions of dollars in losses to Taiwanese company Wistron and under pressure to shut down the plant. An Apple audit detecting showed violations of its ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’, in the company's plant in Karnataka eventually led to violence. Tech-giant stated that 'payments delays in October and November' and improper implementation of the working hour management has led to chaos in the manufacturing plant.

The Wistron accepted some workers at the plant in Karnataka’s Narasapura had not been paid on time and therefore removing their top executive overseeing their business in India. The audit report also contained findings including underpayment of wages to contract workers and housekeeping staff and making female staff work overtime without legal authorization.

“Our main objective is to make sure all the workers are treated with dignity and respect, and fully compensated promptly,” Apple said in a statement. The tech giant will continue to monitor Wistron's progress on the situation. The chaos has led to a dent in Apple smartphone production in India, as the Cupertino giant looking to expand its production beyond China.