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Apple launches new 5nm chipset M1 to move from Intel SOC

"We love the Mac. It's our DNA" stated Tim Cook, Apple CEO at the latest Apple Event. The "One More Thing" really stood out as Apple launched its own Mac Silicon Chip-M1. The Cupertino Gaint also revealed information on MacOs 11 Big Sur.

A single chip for integration, simplicity, and quality performance. Apple's senior vice president Srouji explained how M1 is by far the best chip they have ever created. The so-called great leap of technology, M1 boasts 8 core GPU and CPU with 16 billion transistors.

It delivers 2 times more graphics than PC chips, also the world's fastest integrated graphic chip. M1 has 16 core neural engine and privacy secured through Secure Enclave. The chipset is made of a 5nm process. Apple stated 'It has optimized all the apps for M1. The Mac users can even colour grade 6k video with M1's capability. Apple with the launch of M1 has undoubtedly taken a giant leap in power and moving away from Intel can topple the chip industry soon.