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Chrome OS 87 brings Bluetooth battery levels, new wallpaper and more

Earlier we reported Google Chrome improves antivirus integration along with adds tab search feature. Now Google is bringing out some of the same features to its Chrome OS.

Tab search, Bluetooth battery level in settings and quick settings, and new wallpaper options are three key features Google brings to the Chrome OS 87 update.

‘Tab Search’ allowing users to find opened tabs with ease while using the chromium-based web browser. Users have a habit of opening several tabs into the browser and to navigate over these tabs simply click the drop-down menu button in the top right corner of the browser and start searching.

Google Chrome improves antivirus integration along with adds tab search feature

Chrome OS 87 also indicates Bluetooth battery level in settings and quick settings panel after connecting a Bluetooth peripheral. This feature gets quite nifty if you are someone who uses Bluetooth Headphone or any other Bluetooth based device. The indication will be shown at the bottom right corner of the screen when connected.

Chrome Os 87 Bluetooth

Moreover, Google also introduced 36 new wallpapers for Chrome OS 87 designed by 4 different artists. The company also said it’s offering features that comprise access to premium apps for free.

The following other new features included in the Chrome OS 87 are:

    • Saving to Google Drive has been updated with the ability to rename the file and selecting what folder to store it in
    • Chrome OS devices now support switch accessibility devices
    • Google has updated language settings to be easier for multilingual users to navigate
    • The Alt+Tab window switcher now supports mouse, touch screen, and stylus input
    • Version 87 makes visual improvements when renaming Virtual Desks and Launcher folders

Chromebooks can start receiving updates in the upcoming days as said by Google.