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Chrome will now notify you about untrusted extensions

Modern major browser developers are always working to improve the security of their products. They introduce additional protection capabilities with each version, making you safer online. Microsoft's Edge Browser recently upgraded password management, while Google Chrome 91 users have begun to receive an enhanced Enhanced Safe Browsing feature.

Even if you install extensions via the Chrome Web Store, a new version of Enhanced Safe Browsing in Google Chrome will make you think twice before installing extensions from suspicious developers. Because browser extensions are the least secure portion of the browser, Google and other companies do everything they can to put as many safeguards in place as possible.

When users try to install an extension from an untrusted developer in Chrome 91, they will see a security notice. If a developer does not follow the Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies, it is regarded as suspicious; nonetheless, this does not imply that the extension is hazardous or dangerous.

Users will still be able to install extensions from developers that do not comply with the Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies. According to the company, 75% of all extensions in the Chrome Web Store are presently regarded as reputable.

Enhanced Safe Browsing will make downloads in Google Chrome safer, in addition to improving extension security. Users will have the opportunity to upload the downloaded file for a more thorough scan if the browser flags it as hazardous. Chrome will send the file to Google Safe Browsing servers for real-time static and dynamic analysis, after which it will be deleted.

Chrome 91, which was recently released, includes new enhancements to Enhanced Safe Browsing. When compared to users who do not have Enhanced Safe Browsing enabled, Google claims that its efforts to strengthen security in Chrome have helped reduce fishing by 35%. The official Google Security Blog has more information on all of the security changes.