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Chromecast With Google TV Adds ‘Year in Search’ Playlists Including Trending Films of 2020

Chromecast customers with Google TV can now select from a few 'Year in Search' curated playlists that summarize the top 2020 movies. These playlists accompany the launch of the annual 'Year in Search' list published by Google on Wednesday, which also included the top 2020 films and TV shows, along with trending issues, celebrities, news, and keywords for search. The 'Year in Search: A Collection of This Year's Trending Movies' is the key highlight of the Chromecast playlists, which is an extensive compilation of a few of 2020s most famous movies.

The playlist is made available on the Chromecast home screen itself under the banner of 'For You'. The list includes Parasite, 1917, Black Panther, Little Women, and Just Mercy among many others.

The 'Movies' tab also has a playlist featuring movies by Tom Hanks. As one of the first prominent individuals to contract COVID-19 in March, the actor was one of the top trending actors of 2020 and also the top trending individuals, in general, this year. Furthermore, the Tom Hanks playlist includes BIG, Apollo 13, Toy Story, Forrest Gump, and many others.

Google's just going to be doing two playlists for Google TV users for Chromecast. Reportedly, this is an attempt not to overcrowd the home screen.