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DigiBoxx an Indian alternative to Google Drive launched

DigiBoxx an online file storage service has launched as part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative by Niti Ayog. The app is said to be an alternative to other online file storage and sharing services like Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft's Onedrive, DropBox and others.

The company claims that all the files stored on their platform are encrypted and stored in servers in India. But DigiBoxx hasn't clarified which encryption technique they use to secure the files from unauthorized access. While on the pricing page of the company's website says that files uploaded on their cloud are SSL secured which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. Which means that this technique doesn't encrypt a file and if any data breach happens in future the files may be accessed easily by anyone without users content resulting in a big privacy concern among new users.

Apparently, DigiBoxx's notes in the app description on the Google Play Store says, "After listening to the conversations that voiced the risks of foreign apps and their credibility, we felt it was necessary to advocate for Indian products that challenge the reliance on global players during this time of utmost need - by building and designing a product that addresses the concerns of individual freelancers and start-ups, and young and evolved enterprises." 

Furthermore, the company offers a combination of both free and paid plans for its user, the free users get 20 GBs of free storage with a 2GB maximum file upload, alongside Gmail integration, and unlimited external collaborations. While the paid plan starts from Rs. 30 monthly which gives users benefits up to 5TB of storage and 10GB max file upload.

DigiBoxx an Indian alternative to Google Drive
Image Courtesy: DigiBoxx pricing page

The company also offer a plan for SMBs customers where it provides storage up to 50TB with 10GB max file upload along with unlimited external collaborations, advanced real-time collaboration, web preview, automated backups, user management and Gmail integration all starting at a price of Rs. 999 monthly.

Users can also share files using a feature called InstaShare in which they get free storage up to 2GB by registering themselves using their email-ID or mobile number. After which, a link gets generated that can be shared to the recipient to download the shared files. However, files will be stored only for 45 days after that the files will be deleted from the servers and link will become invalid. Few days we reported, Tooter a Swadeshi Twitter replacement Launched in India under Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative as well.