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Drone Startups: The Key To Vaccine Distribution

Several drone start-ups across the globe aim to reshape the logistics in pandemic ridden world. A few start-ups have discussed with governments around the globe to transport vaccines, mainly in remote areas.

Recent reports suggest some of the drone start-ups have entered into medical delivery partnerships with drug companies and retailers including - Merck & Co and Walmart.

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The increased delivery capacity, fast and non-contact delivery in hard to access regions will be the key highlights of drone logistics. The drone company Volansi Inc has already partnered with pharmaceutical giant Merck for delivering vaccines and medicine in the North Carolina health clinic.

The Australian Drone start-up Sweep Aero, with prior experience in delivering vaccines in Africa for Ebola since 2018 is also in talks with officials regarding the project. The logistic proposal remains a marvellous and complex affair to implement. If successful, the global drone market will reach its epitome.