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From May 26 Twitter and Facebook may be unable to function in India

The deadline to comply with the government's new legal rules for major social media sites, which were released three months ago, expires on Tuesday, putting Twitter's operations in India at stake.

According to top official sources, social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and others, which were expected to comply with the Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code Laws, 2021, which were notified in the Indian gazette on February 25, have failed to do so on numerous occasions.

The government's regulations will take effect on May 26.

"If social media companies do not obey the rules, they may lose their status and protections as intermediaries and may become liable for criminal action as per the existing laws of India," top official sources said.

With the exception of Koo, an Indian social media firm, none of the top social media intermediaries has yet named a resident grievance officer, a chief enforcement officer, or a nodal contact person, according to sources. Further adding the government was not pleased with social media firms' inability to make these appointments in three months.

Many Indians, on the other hand, are outraged by the news and are looking forward to the day when social media platforms will be blocked. However, in the world of social media, negative news is synonymous with memes and sorrow.

The usual response for certain sites has been to wait for orders from their company headquarters in the United States, who will then conduct their own "expert assessment" before making a decision.

Due to their large user base and profitable revenues in democracies like India, social media sites based in the United States have expanded enormously. However, none of the sites has shown any interest in abiding by Indian rules. Instead, social media sites have declined to be open about their fact-checking process or the parameters they use to mark tweets.