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GalaxyCard raised funding from Prominent Angel Investors

GalaxyCard is a new company which offers lending solutions to the common people and these solutions are accompanied by instant credit card approval

This company has recently raised an undisclosed amount of prominent seed funding from Samyakth Capital. Gopinath Latpate who is the executive director of a real estate co-operations firm the JLL and angel investors from Eaglewings Ventures Alliance Network has also merged in the assets in this funding round.

Amit Kumar, the founder of GalaxyCard said that "The company focuses on making credit cards available to customers with a low range of income or incomes less than 30,000 a month. The company aims to launch a premium version of the card as soon as possible."

GalaxyCard has a very customer-centric approach be it their marketing or the services they provide, and they have the potential to change the tech-enabled lending process in India, current lending options take a long time and lots of paperwork which makes it really tedious.

Unlike the old ways, GalaxyCard uses online documentation and hence eliminates long processing duration making it possible for customers to pay their utility bills without much tension. The result of these advantages is clearly visible as the company has witnessed a huge growth of 15% week over a week that too in such a short span of time.

Except for these features the company also thinks and plans to launch a premium version of the card that gives a higher limit to customers with a decent income and those who have a good history of bill payment with the company.

GalaxyCard was launched in 2018 and is growing at a tremendous rate with customers bases from more than 600 towns and cities across Indian. Its technique or facility of instantly approving credit cards which are usable under 3 minutes is the game-changer for this company and this is accompanied by zero annual, joining, or interest charges. They are the first in the country with such a business model.