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Garden startup Sunday raises millions to help you with your yard

The inspiration to launch a Garden care business hit Coulter Lewis when he was looking for lawn care products at some point. The entrepreneur, who once worked as a designer and co-founder of a snack business, said the stench of pesticides and stacked herbicides was too strong to ignore.

Lewis began to explore safer options for fertilizing his garden. His analysis confirmed that he was not alone: a typically managed garden in the USA will get five times more pesticides per acre than the typical industrial farm. He was motivated by a lack of market options to create his own.

Founded in 2019, Sunday is a direct selling company that wishes to promote personalized and eco-friendly garden care to about 90 million people who have gardens. Sunday starts with taking a client's home address and depending on the location, can begin to glean the types of soil they will be working with. Using machine study, satellite TV for PC imaging and property information, Sunday creates a custom plan with vitamins to manipulate the drawback areas, compared to grass well-being in multiple bio-conditions environmentally.

Today, Sunday announced that it raised $19 million in Series B funding under Sequoia Capital, with participation from Tusk Ventures and Forerunner Ventures. The raise brings Stephanie Zhan, complicit in Sequoia Capital, to the board of directors. The new funding will increase Sunday's workforce by 40 people with 30 new employees.

At present, there is only one woman executive on the team on Sunday, although Lewis has committed to hiring a more diverse team. It takes capital to serve the typical American family, and with the brand-new financing, Sunday has a full $28 million in corporate finance recognized to help, at the very least, with your backyard.