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Google Chrome improves antivirus integration along with adds tab search feature

Google is testing two new features baked into its Chrome Web Browser that helps users to visit browser pages straight away from the address bar alongside ease to navigate between tabs. Beyond that, the developers at Google Chrome also plans to improve antivirus integration that can enable Chrome to deal smoothly with third-party antivirus software on your Windows-powered machine.

Earlier, most of the Antivirus Programs installed on Windows 10 devices used to lock new files resulting in frequent problems while saving bookmarks or downloading new files that use the ImportantFileWriter. Retrying the racy ReplaceFile step a few times will help to resolve the current issue.

Furthermore, the second feature is named ‘Tab Search’ allowing users to find opened tabs with ease while using the chromium-based web browser. After enabling this feature user can access it simply by pressing Ctrl + Shift + E or using the mouse whichever users are comfortable with.

Google Chrome improves antivirus integration along with adds tab search feature

Meanwhile, a similar feature called 'Actionable Address Bar' has rolled out on Chrome version 87 on all operating systems including Windows 10. The only caveat is that users have to manually enable this using the following steps:

    • Open Chrome://flags menu.
    • Search for “Omnibox suggestion button row” and “Omnibox Pedal Suggestions”.
    • Enable the flags and relaunch the browser.

As this feature comes baked in the Chromium Open Source Project, it is expected that other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Brave Browser, besides many more can also add 'Actionable Address Bar' as experimental flags in future updates.