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Google is now ending the Unlimited Storage option in Google Photos

Google is now ending the Unlimited storage option in Google Photos, unlimited backups at reduced high quality are ending next year. The new change is going to affect your pictures and videos from June 1, 2021, and not before that Google announced a major change to storage in photos which says Google will now no more support free, support for high-quality photos and videos.

In fact, the picture that you take will be counted towards your Drive storage limit and you'll need to subscribe to Google one if you are running out of the room.

Shimrit Ben Yair, Vice President, Google photos said in the latest post that "Since so many of you rely on Google Photos to store your memory is it is important that it's not just a great product but also continues to meet your needs over the long haul."

Image: Google

Google is also taking steps to keep eye on using this new change will enable you with some management tools to delete manage and store your unwanted photos and keep to your free service. However, Google also warned that it 'may delete' your photos or videos if you are inactive for more than two years to stay over that limit. It also adds that there will be no prior warning before deleting your photos.

Image: Google

Google Docs, Sheets, Slide, Drawings, Forms and Jumbo data will also count towards your drive cap. Meanwhile, A New Paid Color Pop feature Introduced in Google Photos Editing Suite.