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Google issued a patch to fix Chrome crashes on Windows and Linux

A strange bug appeared in Chrome for Windows and Linux last week. Multiple tabs and extensions crashed, according to various user reports, and the browser displayed a grey screen instead of the settings and extensions pages. Users have been experimenting with various methods to put Chrome back to life over the weekend. Reinstalling the browser as suggested by others while wiping the User Data folder was recommended by others.

The good news is that all Chrome users already have access to the official patch. To fix the issue, Google released a small patch. To solve the problem, Google advises users to do the following.

Fix Chrome crashes on Windows

    • Close any Chrome tabs that are open.
    • Relaunch Chrome. The broken conduct will always be visible.
    • Allow Chrome to run for 5 minutes.
    • Close Chrome and then relaunch it after 5 minutes have passed.
  • The process is slightly different if you're using Linux.

Fix Chrome crashes on Linux

    • Go to the following directory to find the Chrome user profile: ~/.config/google-chrome/
    • Delete the contents of the [Chrome user profile]\Origin Trials. This should include the "" subdirectory.
    • Delete the Local State file from the [Chrome user profile].
    • Start Chrome, and it should load normally.

Although Google does not provide any additional details about the bug or the cause, users speculate that the issue was caused by one of Origin Trials' experiments, based on the fixing method.

Recently, Microsoft Edge experienced a similar problem. In full-screen mode, the browser struggled to play YouTube videos. To address the problem, Microsoft has already introduced a partial patch. Even so, some users may continue to have problems with YouTube videos crashing. According to a Microsoft engineer, the company is still working on a long-term solution and expects to announce it shortly.

If you have trouble playing YouTube videos in Microsoft Edge, try downloading Edge Canary from their official website.