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Google just ended support for its Measure AR app

In the past, Google has killed a big number of applications and features, which is unsurprising considering its size. Which app is the latest victim? Its augmented reality Measure app, which Android Police spotted the app is now quietly retired. The Measure began as an app for Google's now-defunct Tango AR platform before being made available to all smartphones that support ARCore in 2018.

If you haven't already installed the app on your device, it will no longer appear on Google Play. If you still have it on your phone, the app's listing now says it's "no longer supported and will not be updated." However, if it's still installed, you'll be able to use it.

The application turns your smartphone into a virtual tape measure that you can use to measure the dimensions of real-world things by just pointing your camera at them, as the name implies. However, according to user reviews on Google Play, the app was unreliable and prone to crashes. Its measurements were also a little off, and its characteristics were a little shaky. Last year, the company added more unit conversions to the app, but major updates were few and far between. Its demise was certainly a long time coming, given how slow and irregular its progress had been.