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Google Launches New VPN to Protect Users From Hacking

This new approach by Google can reduce hacking data by prying eyes. Fortunately, the tech giant launches a VPN service to browse the web privately. As VPN is not a buzzword, technically it's a program to secure your browser by encrypting or hiding IP address. It's very important to use a VPN, especially when we use public WiFi as hackers are prying their eyes to steal our information.

It masks your application information by tunnelling protocols & encryption techniques. Conditionally when using public WiFi or networks then it's necessary to protect your information from invasive eyes. So for security puzzled people being a Google-Fi subscriber, would be surely resolved by the security problems. Earlier it was not available for a wide range.

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Google today announced that it's bringing its own VPN server for Google subscribers; on the 2 TB plan or more with a low cost starting at $10 per month. And obliviously can be shared within 5 members of the family without extra charges.

Needless to say, that is google is not an alone & unique VPN supporting service, but there are plenty of companies providing this service alike 'McAfee'. But Google VPN service is easy to be used by Google subscribers.

Unfortunately, it's now available only for android users, for sure as soon as possible this service could be used any digital platform. So access this VPN service fast in your device to secure your information.