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Google Messages SMS Categories Feature will now be Rolled Out to More Users

According to reports, Google Messages have decided to roll out its SMS Categories feature to more users. This feature enables users to sort their messages into different categories. Messages are grouped into the following categories: personal, purchases, OTP (one-time passwords), sales, and more.

Google has been testing this feature by Google Messages for over a month, and the tech giant has now finally decided to expand its user base.

The feature once rolled out, can be activated or disabled in the settings menu of the Google Messages app through a push-button.

On Google Messages, a bar can be seen at the top of the list of messages that displays the available categories that users can segregate their messages into.

The feature can help users minimize the clutter in their inboxes once rolled out, and also help them easily locate relevant messages through the categories. For now, users can update the Google Messages app from Google Play to check the availability of the feature.