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Google to Allow Disabling of Smart Features and Personalisation in Gmail, Chat and Meet

Gmail is about to get two new settings that allow Google to deliver smart features and personalization experiences for turning off data use. These new settings will allow you to disable smart features such as automatic primary, social, and promotional category email sorting, or smart composing while writing an email, and even summary cards that appear above emails.

Users will also be able to disable personalization features such as Google Assistant informing you of the next payment of your bill, or even bundling your itineraries with travel.

Google has reported on its blog that in the coming weeks, these two new settings will go live in Gmail. These new settings monitor whether the data can be used in Gmail, Meet and Chat to deliver 'smart features' in these and other Google products. Disabling these settings would prevent your data from being used by Google to provide you with certain personal experiences. These options can be disabled/enabled in Gmail settings at any time.

Image Courtesy: Google

If you chose not to allow your data to be used by smart features in Gmail, Chat, and Meet, then you will not get automatic email categorization in the Promotions, Social, and Primary inboxes, you will not be able to use smart compose when you type an email, nor will you see summary cards for shopping, travel bookings, and package tracking, and there will be no calendar event formation from dates and other details in emails.

Similarly, if you chose not to personalize other Google products with your data from Gmail, Chat, and Meet, then Google Assistant will not be able to give you bill notifications, Google Maps will not offer restaurant reservations, and any loyalty cards and tickets will not appear on Google Pay. Beyond that Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides will use Google Drive storage, new auto-delete policies announced.