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Google’s new AI tool turns MS Paint doodles into AI-assisted artistry

This new AI tool made by an algorithm king, Google that turns MS Paint doodles into weird monsters or say AI-assisted artistry. Google's new AI tool uses machine learning to create pictures based on rough sketches and is called Chimera Painter.

According to Google's AI blog post, researchers explained their methods of ideas describing, “Paintbrush that acted less like a tool and more like an assistant.” Chimera Painter is just a prototype, but if software like this becomes common it could “reduce the amount of time necessary to create high-quality art.” 

The team of Chimera Painter trained a machine learning model with the help of a database that contains 10,000 sample monsters, and the algorithm generated pictures using 3D models rendered in Unreal Engine. A “Segmentation Map” was linked with every image a layer that divides the monsters into anatomical parts like claws, snouts, legs, and etc.

Image Courtesy: Google AI Blog

The researchers brefily explains the process, "An artist can select a starting point and then adjust the shape, type, or placement of creature parts, enabling rapid exploration and for the creation of a large volume of images. The demo also allows for uploading a creature outline created in an external program, like Photoshop or MS-Paint. Now download one of the preset creature outlines to get the colours needed for each creature part and use this as a template for drawing one outside of Chimera Painter, and then use the “Load’ button on the demo to use this outline to flesh out your creation."

Basically, the idea was to create a tool to speed up the process of creating a hundred animals for the game, by any individual artist.