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How to recover messages from Drive if backed up on Android

Recovering deleted messages from Android is difficult but there isn't anything that you can't do losing your important data such as could be heart wrenching accidentally deleting your important piece because you don't have temporary Storage for your trash.

Well here's what you can do in case you delete some of your important data of all in the same category options are limited but their chances that you want to recover your chats for some reason.

As soon as you realise that you just deleted a very important text of yours doing anything further would corrupt the deleted text, so initially put the phone on Airplane mode to disconnect with the cellular network to prevent new messages bombarding your phone.

Install and run any data recovery program and see if you can recover your messages or not there are a number of these data recovery apps but you can opt for the most optimal one this app needs to be installed in your PC or Mac which later You'll connect to your phone for recovery.

However, you can also recover important messages from Google drive as well

Though many devices are made to automatically backup to Google Drive if your phone creates an automatic backup to might be able to restore your phone to retrieve the last text messages so here's what to do in order to recover your messages back.

  • Open Google Drive on your phone
  • Tap the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen in the menu tap 'backup'.

If you see Option labelled this device tap "your backup" and on the details page find the entry for SMS and check the date of the last backup if it before the date you deleted the text message you can consider resetting your phone and restoring from this backup.