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How To Remove Facebook Messenger From Instagram After The New Update

Recently Facebook-owned Instagram app released a new update that integrates Instagram and Messenger users to connect across apps. Using this feature you'll able to get messages from Facebook Messenger on the Instagram app itself.

I personally never liked using Facebook's Messenger app so connecting Instagram and Messenger is not a good idea for me.  Fortunately, there is an option to opt-out of cross-app communication under new privacy controls found inside the settings menu. Instagram also extended the Live Stream duration by 4 hours.

Here is how one can opt-out following these steps:

Instagram enable this feature on Version 165.0 both on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

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To opt-out, Simply open the Insta App, and Click on Profile Tab on the bottom right. On the page click on Hamburger Menu on the top right.

Click on the Settings Menu to open the Setting page. There you'll find “Facebook Accounts Center“. Now click the Accounts Center Option.

Now, tap on the Accounts & Profile Option. You'll find Facebook and Instagram account linked on the same page. Select the account you wish to remove from Instagram. For me, it's Facebook so I chose that.

Click the “Remove from Account Centre” button and proceed to Continue.

Now Facebook will ask you to confirm before completely removing Facebook Messenger from Instagram. Click on remove and your Instagram is unlinked with Messenger. Ans Instagram would no longer send you notifications of messages from the messenger.

As this, a nifty feature added by Facebook as it enhances the chatting experience using just one App. But some users don't want their inbox to be merged on one app itself. Recently, Facebook also steps in Cloud Gaming Space.