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How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player from Windows Machine

Adobe Flash Player is now outdated and comes with its own security threat to most PCs. While HTML 5 is now adopted all across the web and using Flash Player may lead to security issues. Almost every Web Browser has now abandoned the Adobe Flash Player and has shifted toward HTML 5. Unfortunately, Windows 10 still comes with Flash Player pre-installed. Moreover, Adobe itself is going to kill the flash software starting from January 12, 2021. So, uninstalling the flash program won't affect your day to day task on the internet. Here is the full guide to completely uninstall the outdated Flash Player from your computer

Uninstall Adobe Flash from Your Machine

As mentioned modern web browser based on Chromium or the Firefox doesn't come with Flash Player enabled to protect users from possible vulnerabilities but Windows 10 does. So without any delay, let's go straight to the uninstallation procedure.

  • To begin with, check if Flash Player is installed on your Windows Machine. Simply open Control Panel and change the view to ‘Small Icons or Large Icons’ from the drop-down menu on the top-right.
    Uninstall Adobe Flash from Your Machine
  • If you see Flash Player (32-bit) that means your Windows Machine has Flash Player installed. So, you need to download the Flash Player Uninstaller from Adobe official website (simply clicking here) to begin the Uninstallation process.
  • Click the Uninstaller link to download the file.
    Uninstall Adobe Flash from Your Machine
  • Right-click the uninstall_flash_player.exe file once it is downloaded.
    Uninstall Adobe Flash from Your Machine
  • Click Open to run the uninstaller
    Uninstall Adobe Flash from Your Machine
  • Click/tap on ‘Uninstall’ to get removal of Adobe Flash from Windows PC.
    Uninstall Adobe Flash from Your Machine
  • You’ll get the ‘Uninstalled successfully’ message once the program is uninstalled. When the process is completed simply hit DONE.
    Uninstall Adobe Flash from Your Machine
  • After this restart your Windows Machine.

Delete All Residual Files and Folders related to Flash Player

  • Press Win+R and paste this


    and Hit OK

    Uninstall Adobe Flash from Your Machine
  • Now scroll down to a folder named 'Macromed' as this folder contains some residual Flash files etc. Simply delete the folder.
  • Now again open Run by pressing Win+R and enter


    and permanently delete yet another 'Macromed' folder there.

  • At last, restart your computer. After which you Windows Machine has completely removed the old school Adobe Flash Player with no traces at all.

Do note that Adobe Flash Player will stop functioning from January 12, 2021.