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How to use WhatsApp Disappearing Messages on Android, iPhone

WhatsApp officially announced earlier this month that it would launch disappearing messages, a feature that will remove your WhatsApp messages automatically after a certain period of time. Now, finally, the latest functionality is rolling out for everyone worldwide. There are already details of the new feature on the FAQ page created by WhatsApp, and users can now allow this option to remove messages after seven days for individual or group chats. Follow this guide to tell you how to allow messages to disappear on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: How to Activate Messages to Disappear

Before you start, make sure that your smartphone has the newest version of WhatsApp enabled. That will be for Android users and for iPhone users.

If this is sorted out go ahead and follow these steps to allow WhatsApp messages to disappear.

  • Open a chat with WhatsApp > tap Contact Name > scroll down to find the **Messages Disappear feature.
  • By default, the function is disabled. Tap Continue, then toggle on to allow this feature.
  • For each chat, you'll have to individually activate this feature. When you do so, after seven days, your sent messages will automatically be deleted.
  • All these steps are quite similar for Android, iPhone, KaiOS, and Web and Desktop apps.


The period until the messages vanish in a chat cannot be determined by you, which means that the only choice you have right now is seven days, at least for now. Competitive apps such as Telegram provide users with multiple choices to choose from, but WhatsApp has chosen to start with a single time environment.

In addition, the disappearing messages can also be saved until they are removed, i.e. by copying these messages and saving them at another location. The same applies to media files, so you can still take a screenshot and save a picture until it is deleted manually.