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IBM Cloud Paks for data and automation with RPA tools gets updates

International Business Machines Corporation or IBM is set to integrate the Cloud Paks technology with data, AI and Red Hat OpenShift for hybrid deployments. According to Big Blue, the Cloud Pak for Data and Cloud Pak for Automation with accelerators for the industry can be used for data science, machine learning, document processing and robotics process automation.

What is IBM Cloud Paks

Big Blue identified key challenges preventing businesses from moving to the cloud and created and named it IBM Cloud Paks. IBM Cloud Paks are lightweight, enterprise-grade, modular cloud solutions, integrating a container platform, containerized IBM middleware and open source components, and common software services for development and management. Cloud Paks allows businesses to automate those everyday processes allowing the employees to focus on those higher-value tasks. IBM designed Cloud Paks to accelerate transformation projects. IBM build 5 Cloud Paks technology - IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, IBM Cloud Pak for Data, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, and IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management.

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Updates for Cloud Pak for Data include:

  • Industry accelerators for banking, warranty management, supply chain forecasting and retail including sample data sets, prebuilt machine learning models and dashboards. IBM has more than 30 industry accelerators.
  • Watson Machine Learnings Accelerator, a deep learning service to optimize models and workloads.
  • Federated Learning, a tool for training common models with remote data sets.
  • Quick Scan enhancements for data discovery and deeper analytics.

Updates for Cloud Pak for Automation include:

  • Automation Document Processing to eliminate manual document processing.
  • Process Mining from myInvenio to automate IT, simulations, business rules and processes.
  • Robotic process automation tools from the acquisition of WDG Automation.