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Intel NUC M15 Laptop Kit Launched

The NUC M15 productivity laptop from Intel will give new momentum to smaller brands to take on the likes of Dell and HP. It is part of Intel's "Next Computing Unit" or NUC line (pronounced "Knuck") that has focused so far on mini desktop PCs, especially compact gaming equipment.

A customizable base unit or a laptop package that can be retrofitted with various storage options is the NUC M15, codenamed 'Bishop Country.' Intel does not market its NUC product line directly to customers, but partners with brands under their own names that customise and sell these products.

Intel has not specified what brands will sell NUC M15' Bishop County'-based customisations but has said that the laptop will be available from January 2021. And although the product's final price will depend on its configuration as well as on the pricing strategy of customising and selling brands, Intel says it expects the laptops based on the NUC M15 to be priced between $999 and $1,499 (approximately Rs. 74,000 and Rs. 104,000).