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Internship opportunity in makelogics

About the Internship

makeLogics incubates multiple product development R&D projects and business idea execution on behalf of Oligosoft Corp. Interns will get an opportunity to work and launch real-life start-up businesses like, etc and gain experience, suitable for both technical and management students.

Duration: 1/3/6 months We do not offer classroom training, coaching, structured syllabus or project titles for Interns/ Trainees. Both programs offer rigorous grooming in their respective job. Intern /Trainee will be treated as an employee of the organisation. Challenges will be thrown at them with minimal guidance and supervision, to enable them to master the art of self-learning and survival. Performance will be monitored and constantly evaluated by superiors. Only independent, talented, and disciplined candidates will be able to succeed these programs. Both Internship /OJT programs can be considered as an early stage preparation for Industry readiness (EPIR). Completion certificates will be issued to successful candidates. Best performers will be absorbed by the organisation.


    • Real-world work experience and research opportunities
    • Opportunity to work under Domain experts
    • Gain knowledge and opportunity to test acquired skills
    • Experience and feel of working under pressure and hierarchy


  • IT Java Developer, Angular Developer, S/w Developer, Web/ Mobile App Developer, Full Stack Developer, DevOps, Python, AI, ML, AR, VR, Big Data, Robotic Process Automation, IoT
  • Designing Web, Graphic, UX, UI, Designers, 2D-3D Product Designer Suitable for Civil/ Arch/ Other Design grads
  • Non IT Business Development Executive, Business Analyst, Sales & Marketing, Management Trainee, Finance Analyst, Accountant, HR Executive, Finance and Funds, Legal/CA/CS and Media jobs.


If your Qualifications and skill set meets our selection criteria, you will be contacted for an In-Person interview.

* Read Interview Preparation Guideline Document.

* Read Currently available job descriptions for Job/ Internship/ OJT document before applying.

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About the company

makeLogics Bangalore is an internal division of Oligosoft Corp, a fast-growing software company based in India. makeLogics strives to attract, cultivate and retain exceptional talent and is now looking for exceptional software engineering and business administration students with talent and good work ethics.