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iPhone 12 5G Settings: Save Data and Battery

The latest iPhone 12 lineup is the first IOS smartphones powered by 5G connectivity, and there are several new settings related to 5G. Although, the 5G technology is power-hungry and may result in battery drain for the entire iPhone 12 lineup. However, iPhone 12 can't Support 5G in Dual SIM Mode.

Configure 5G to Improve Battery Life

There are several data modes that Apple has introduced to iOS. Users can enable/disable 5G only based on the usage of the scenario for HD video-streaming, high-end games, or high definition FaceTime video calling. Users can also set it up to use 4G to reduce battery drain on their iPhone 12. Apple has also added a 5G Auto mode where the iPhone switches to 5G speed whenever needed and reverts back to the 4G network to improve battery life.

Here is how you can tweak these settings:

    1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone 12 Series.
    2. Now, tap on Mobile/Cellular.
    3. Next, tap on Mobile/Cellular Data Options.
    4. Next up, tap on Voice & Data.
    5. Up next, you have three options:
iPhone 12 5G Settings Save Data and Battery

When users connected to a 5G network, users may see these symbols on their iPhone 12's status bar.

iPhone 12 5G Settings Save Data and Battery

Using the above steps one can save plenty of juice on their iPhone 12. All thanks to Apple to adding small tweaks, as no one will be using 5G speed all the times on their iPhones.

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