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Live Stream Duration extended to 4 Hours by Instagram

Instagram has now announced two new features to its Live section so as to enhance the user experience of its creators.

The very first feature, that has changed is the time of live videos sessions. It offered a maximum time limit of 1 hour until now, it modified it to 4 hours maximum. This should now be a convenient platform for hosting live sessions and for holding virtual concerts by creators.

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The increased limit is available to all Instagram users across the globe.

Now you will be able to see a ‘Live Now’ section in the IGTV app and on the Explore tab. This will help you to tune into live streams that you might otherwise be missing out on it.

Another change brought to users by Instagram is 'video archiving'. Instagram has added this feature in which users can keep their live videos on its storage. These videos will be stored for 30 days then they will be removed automatically from the server. During this time period, users can download their videos on their device or share it from there on their IGTV.

So, with these new features added to Instagram, are you more likely to use Instagram rather than live-streaming apps for sharing your content?