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MacOS Big Sur Now Available for download

macOS Major Sur is out now

The new macOS update, the largest in 2020, brings a range of new features to Mac computers. It comes with an improved menu bar that offers a wider display area and is more translucent than ever. Full-height sidebars, redesigned docks with new app icons, and an updated control centre are also available. All of these improvements make macOS 11 Big Sur a huge update over earlier versions of macOS.

Additionally, updates to preloaded notifications, maps, and Safari apps are included in the macOS Big Sur update. For the M1 chip specifically, Apple has also made improvements.

How to download the new Big Sur MacOS

Apple will usually automatically seed macOS updates. However, after going to the Apple menu from the top-left corner of your screen, you can search for the macOS Big Sur update manually by going to Device Preferences > Software Update. You can also find the update by clicking the Apple menu on the About This Mac option and then clicking the Software Update icon. Alternatively, macOS Big Sur can be downloaded directly from the Mac App Store.

Before starting the upgrade process, it is recommended to back up the data and free up some space.