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Microsoft and NSDC collaborate Economic empowerment of women

Microsoft owns a remarkable place in the online world & looks forward to Betterment at the digital level. Pleased to say, Microsoft & NSDC have well turned under partnership on skill initiative; deliberated to work on betterment of women's economic development.

Seemingly, it has started to skill more than 1 lakh underserved women in India over the next 10 months. Distinctly, it works mainly over the rural community; where skill needs to get digital platforms to outperform. According to this protocol; this partnership would have several benefits like 70 hours of free classes covering topics on digital literacy, enhancing nano entrepreneurship & communication skills. It's also a boon for young girls or women to fight shy to work in public, so could have portable techniques to enhance their skills. As covid-19 has created pandemic to the whole world; leftover jobless people & needy eyes. But had created havoc on women, especially nano working women.

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MCT had done a lot in favour of trainees to get opportunities to access rich content even available on MCT as well as they can engage with their peers as per their choice.

Anant Maheshwari, president Microsoft, India said, "Covid-19 has accelerated India's digital transformation and a work equipped with future-ready skill; will be a key to unlocking the country's next phase growth." Our partnership with NSDC is aimed at bridging the gender gap in access to digital skills enabling everyone to succeed in digital conditions" Dr Manish Kumar, MD & CEO, NSDC said, "NSDC is nurturing a conducive ecosystem in which women access formal sectors to get access to appropriate skill development".

Microsoft & NSDC have created eye-grabbing awards by displaying e-certificate to post-course competition to encourage them to join this sector; they will be enabled to employees in the IT sector.

One of the best parts of this platform is; nano entrepreneurship could also be benefited as this is an era where we need to earn money in less time. So this hi-tech platform will surely set a pace for you. Altogether it's a good turn in favour of, especially underserved women. If you don't take time by the forelock will surely miss the chance to overlook yourself.