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Microsoft Edge is getting Kids Mode here is how to enable it

Microsoft is constantly pushing tons of effort to regain its popularity in the Web Browser market share. This why Microsoft Edge based on Chromium is getting exclusive feature every now and there.

This time the tech giant announced that it will be adding Kids Mode a convenient browsing mode feature on the Edge Browser for safer browsing. Microsoft stated that "this will let children browse the web in a child-friendly, customisable manner." On using the feature the browser will use the Bing SafeSearch to ‘strict' by default and will offer other features like kid-friendly content, custom browser themes, and a password to exit.

Moreover, the Kids Mode feature can also allow parents to set an age limit on the browser itself, for example, choosing 5-8 years option would show strict Microsoft BingSearch while the selecting 9 or older age will show more content for kids with security features like SafeSearch. The kids mode feature will remain enabled until you exit the mode from the Edge Browser. Do note that users are not required to have a child account or profile to access Kids Mode. Also, the feature is currently being rolled out in US English on both Windows and macOS devices as of now.

How to enable Kids Mode

  • Staring off, Open the Microsoft Edge and tap on the profile icon in the top left corner next to the search bar.
  • Now, select the ‘Browse in Kids Mode’ option.
  • Choose the appropriate age from the options i.e. 5-8 years and 9 and older.
    Microsoft Edge is getting Kids Mode here is how to enable it
  • The Kids Mode will now open on your web browser.
  • To exit, tap the Kids Mode icon located inside the top bar.
  • Click the ‘Exit Kids Mode’ option.
    Microsoft Edge is getting Kids Mode here is how to enable it
  • Enter your User ID password to exit. Note: If a user close the window through the taskbar or Close button at the top of the browser, Microsoft Edge will ask for your device credentials.

These features have been out with Microsoft Edge 88 Stable update released a few days back. This update also brings strong passwords suggestion feature on Microsoft Edge.