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Microsoft Outlook for iOS now adds voice dictation for emails and meeting scheduling; Android support is on the way

Users can now use voice commands to compose and dictate emails and plan meetings in Microsoft Outlook. Outlook for iOS will be the first to get the new voice features. The features will also be 'arriving shortly' to Outlook for Android, according to Microsoft. Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana will be used to assist users in navigating the Outlook app on mobile platforms. Previously, the dictation feature was exclusively available on the Microsoft Outlook desktop app.

The speech-to-text features in Outlook for iOS and Android, according to Microsoft's blog, will make it easier for users to send emails, schedule meetings, and search the app using their voice. Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana, will utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist users in doing many tasks without the use of text commands, according to the company.

Among the most noteworthy new features in this update for Outlook is the ability to schedule meetings using its speech-to-text capabilities. Cortana will help users identify the proper file or contact, as well as manage their calendars to find and arrange meetings, according to Microsoft. To use the new feature, users must first press the + icon, then press the microphone symbol in the lower right corner of the Outlook iOS app.

Users can now use the Outlook mobile app's speech features to reply to emails or compose new ones. The features make use of Microsoft Dictation, which, according to the company, is less likely to misspell a name since it utilizes Microsoft Graph to recognise a user's colleagues' names.

Finally, speech-to-text on Outlook allows users to use voice inputs to search for emails and meetings. For example, you can ask Cortana, "When is my next team meeting?" and she will check your schedule and respond. To organise a meeting with Cortana on Outlook for iOS, use complicated commands like "Set up a meeting with Sushobhit and his team for next Monday about the Q1 budget, and add Divyanshu." As earlier stated, Microsoft assures that the voice functions will be available on Android in the near future.