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Microsoft plan to retire Control Panel in Windows 10

Microsoft has continuously shifted Control Panel UI updates over the years trying to push users towards the Setting App but failed as users effortlessly prefer this feature over new fashion updates. As Control Panel is yet very powerful with user-friendly UI.

But now Microsoft has finally decided to redirect its users from the control panel's system to the 'About' in the app's system page. This also means that Microsoft is thinking of blocking properties shortcut from (this PC page) and third-party applications that could have been handy in accessing the control panel page however the user can still search control panel in the Cortana search bar but the shortcut keys are being removed with each new update in Windows 10.

Microsoft plan to retire Control Panel in Windows 10

There are also rumour surfacing around that from November 30th Microsoft is finally shutting down Internet Explorer browser to put on its chromium-based browser Microsoft edge.

All these changes, however, implies that Microsoft is planning of re-introducing more user-friendly interfaces and platforms for its UI to make it's user interactions more interactive.