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Microsoft PowerToys may get macOS-like find cursor feature on Windows 10

Microsoft is planning to a new feature on PowerToys that will enable “Find cursor” simply by shaking the mouse. This feature is quite similar to macOS. Using this user can enlarge the cursor to make it easier to see using shake to find.

If you can't remember, Microsoft developed an open-source software named PowerToys. Which improve the Windows 10 experience and boost productivity with extremely helpful features like:

  • Bulk file renamer,
  • Image optimizer,
  • Windows Search-like launcher.

In the next update of PowerToys, Microsoft can ship the Find cursor feature, making it easier to locate the mouse pointer/cursor. One locate the mouse or the trackpad pointer using the keyboard shortcut or by shaking the mouse.

Here is a preview by an Engineer at Microsoft:

Cursor finder

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The preview shows that the darken screen and highlight the cursor when pressed a new keyboard shortcut or the mouse is moved around the screen, which lets you quickly locate your cursor.

Since Microsoft is working on bug fixes for the PowerToys app and has taken a break on further additions. It's difficult to say when we can expect this feature on our Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft is also developing a new screen recorder and font rendering changes expand customization on the Windows 10.