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Microsoft reveals its fluent design for Edge Chromium

If you are waiting for some revamps from the house of Microsoft would be happy to know that Microsoft has finally revealed its new fluent and sleek design for its icon in Chromium Edge. In a  the latest post by 'tech community' "Microsoft says you'll know that the new version of Ages aligned with the current direction fluent is going in fact " Microsoft also added that they are no more going to provide square edge tab for square transparent theme.

The first new and colourful icons for Windows 10 and Microsoft product for first spotted in Windows 10x the modular version Microsoft is currently planning to revamp the old square tabs with more rounded icons for elements such as tabs favourites Navigation bar menu, settings page etc and the second phase of update would contain advanced update settings for developer tools, network condition loads etc.

In addition to this fluent design in addition to this fluid designs Microsoft also confirmed that rounded corners are already in line for Windows 10s new interface but it's not been confirmed that the days will be available for Windows 10 interfaces. Also, Microsoft is already released new icons for mails, calendars, groove music, calculator and there is much more in the plan for their other products too.