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Microsoft rolled out x64 emulation in preview for Windows 10 on ARM PCs

The first preview build of Windows 10 on ARM to support 64-bit app-emulation is now rolled out by Microsoft into the Windows Insider Program. Earlier, Windows on ARM devices can run native 32-bit ARM and 64-bit ARM apps, but this x64 emulation in preview for Windows 10 on ARM PCs update can run 64-bit apps that were written for Intel and AMD processors using emulation.

While Microsoft is insisting app developers to write native apps for Windows 10 on ARM as the Operating System can use the resources of the machine delivering the best performance. Although some 64-bit apps that run in emulation may perform better than x86 apps as 64-bit apps can use more memory than the x86 apps, as per Microsoft. But it will be interesting to see will it outperforms the Apple M1 based Computers in real-world performance.

Microsoft also mentions in their blog post, "In this preview, you can install x64 apps from the Microsoft Store or from any other location of your choosing. You can try key x64-only productivity apps like Autodesk Sketchbook, as well as games like Rocket League. Other apps, like Chrome, which run today on ARM64 as 32-bit apps, can run as 64-bit using the new x64 emulation capability. These apps may benefit from having more memory when run as 64-bit emulated apps.”

If a user enroll themselves for the Windows Insider Program, to download and install the new update. However, this isn't a stable update meaning one might face random bugs and issues while using the machine. The x64 emulation in preview for Windows 10 on ARM PCs comes under 21277 Build and is available for download for their official website.