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Microsoft seems to charge Outlook and Hotmail users to keep old emails

Outlook and Hotmail one of the oldest and popular email service by Microsoft is now charging a fee to their free users to keep old emails on their Servers. It has been reported by some users that they receive a warning email from the tech giant that they are reaching a new storage limit which appears to be set at 15GB.

This 15 GB new storage limit has resulted in several users they have exceeded the limit, and will no longer be able to send or receive emails until they either delete older emails to free up space or pay ₹5,106 / £59.99/ $69.99 a year subscription to upgrade to Microsoft's Office 365 service. Several users are pissed off on this update and are posting their views on several social media sites.

Microsoft seems to charge Outlook and Hotmail users to keep old emails

Office 356 not only upgrades the storage but also lets you use some of the most popular Microsoft Office applications online and on your smartphone, iPad, and PC. Which seems that users are forced to pay extra as not everyone wants the Office Apps functionality. As over the years, many users must have surpassed that limit giving Microsoft a good opportunity to make some cash out of it.

Earlier in 2013, Microsoft shifted its Hotmail service to, while allowing them to keep their Hotmail addresses and emails history. Now the company plans to shift its loyal users to paid services like Office 365. Although Microsoft hasn't commented on this regard.