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Microsoft Surface Duo listed as Best Invention of 2020 in TIME Magazine

Microsoft's revival to the smartphone market with its first Android-powered dual-screen device, the Surface Duo. Microsoft’s Surface Duo smartphone has scored a heavy honour within the week.

Time Magazine has listed the smartphone among “The Best Inventions of 2020”. The world-famous publication acknowledges the innovative nature of the humanoid device. The quality big Apple City-based weekly information journal just lately shared a post with reference to the Surface Duo, hailing the gadget as a “glimpse into the longer term of mobile computing”.

The magazine quoted "Is it a phone or is it a notebook? within the case of Microsoft’s Surface Duo, the solution is it’s both. The dual-screen Android smartphone ($1,399) opens a sort of a spiral binder, revealing a pair of screens. Unfold it and it’s a digital - notebook—drag items from one app to a different, expand one app to fill both screens (perfect for reading), or use a Surface Pen to urge some writing done on one screen while you chat on the oppositeyou'll be able to also fold the device back over itself and use the only screen as a standard cell phone."

Here is a Tweet from Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay at Microsoft

The Surface Duo earned its spot largely thanks to its unique folding form factor. It feels like an innovative piece of tech more than it does a functional one.

The publication further added, “The Surface Duo appears like an idea device but also a glimpse into the longer term of mobile computing: it won’t replace your iPhone and its killer camera just yet, but it’s easy to work out how it someday might.”