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Microsoft to bring Android apps to Windows 10 by 2021

Microsoft has always been thinking for its user along with raining them with news that is handy for days and one such update is able to run Android apps on Windows 10.

Though it's already possible to run these Android apps on PC via emulators like BlueStacks now it seems that Microsoft is way more interested in directly supporting these Android apps in your windows machine.

Windows Central journalist Zac Bowden said in one of his recent tweet, "I have also heard disperse that Microsoft is once again looking into bringing Android apps to Windows 10 next year I will share more when I can", there is nothing so sure and confirm that how the implementations will take place and come into effect but this would definitely ease the users.

For many apps such as Gmail, Uber, Ola additionally would require Google Play Services but nothing has been clarified yet. Undoubtedly this Android support system would be way more useful as compared to emulators because in this there would be no such need of externally downloading those emulators.

In fact, native Android app support would be a welcome addition to the Windows 10 stable especially in the light of Mac OS is getting support for iPad and iPhone and one perk among all that it encourages young Android app developers to build their own app support for longer a larger screen.