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Microsoft to fix the black screen bug with its latest Windows 10 Update

Microsoft has finally released a fix for one of its most irritating bug i.e. The black screen bug which the Microsoft Windows 10 users have been dealing with some time lately.

This bug simply makes the screen blackout while using drawing functions in software like Word or in other Office 365 applications.  Microsoft in fact warns that this issue may arise again when the users try to open the open drawing tools such as Microsoft Whiteboard.

And sadly if the screen goes all back out there’s no way to bring it back together with other than restarting your PC again and wasting your time as well.

But, now Microsoft with its latest Windows 10 update is ready to fix this the bug out, not only this update is already been installed to most of the Windows 10 users, but also they recently confirmed that soon they'll fix this bug for all of their users too.

For users who still haven’t installed this update will still be dealing with this irritating black screen bug, though this isn’t a problem because this can be remedied by manually installing the latest update by way of the Windows Update Option, which will deliver the fix along with the other latest changes from Microsoft.