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Microsoft was installing Office web apps on Windows 10 without user permission

Last week, Microsoft was spotted adding progressive web apps of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook in Windows 10 without the consent of the user. While the incident was first believed to be limited to Windows 10 Insiders, several reports acknowledged that Microsoft is doing a similar for normal users. Microsoft is now saying it had been because of a bug.

According to The Verge, Microsoft was trying to rework websites that you simply have pinned to the beginning menu to noticeable tiles. within the process, Microsoft seems to possess accidentally added Office web shortcuts as PWA apps.

In fact, all this happened because Microsoft started adding Office web shortcuts to the beginning Menu. The report mentions that the corporate has been doing this since May last year. From what it's like, Microsoft probably planned to form these Office web apps more prominent and had to call it a bug since the media and Windows 10 users noticed it.

Microsoft claims to possess paused the migration that caused this bug but has not explicitly clarified if it might revert the changes. However, you'll easily do this yourself by just uninstalling these Office PWAs.

If you're suffering from this so-called bug, you'll attend the old-fashioned instrument panel way or use the Settings app to get rid of apps. on top of things Panel, attend Programs & Features to uninstall the PWAs. Similarly, you'll attend the Apps & Features section in Settings -> Apps to get rid of these apps. Since these PWAs are tied to Microsoft Edge, you'll also visit edge://apps to delete them.